Proto ATL

design. pitch. network.

Each year we invite board game publishers, designers, and playtesters to gather in beautiful Atlanta, GA for an extended weekend of board game design, playtesting, networking, seminars, and pitches.

Our event boasts one of the best publisher to designer ratios in the country, so Proto ATL is quickly becoming THE place to get new games signed by publishers.

For those that are taking the Kickstarter or self-publishing route, we offer a space to get great feedback and to meet useful industry contacts.

DESIGNERS: If you are a board game designer looking to get professional feedback from published designers and publishers, there is no better place to get that valuable information!‚Äč

PUBLISHERS: This is THE PLACE to find your next game to publish. We bring the designers to you in one place so that you can focus on finding your next big hit.

PLAYTESTERS: Interested in learning more about game design? Be part of their development! Come with nothing but an interest and you will leave inspired!