Publishers and Sponsors

Proto ATL

Publishers and Sponsors

If you are a publisher interested in attending Proto ATL 2023, click HERE to submit your application.

For other sponsorship opportunities, please contact us HERE.

Attending Publishers

Below is a list of the attending publishers and sponsors for Proto ATL 2022.

In 2022, attending designers had awesome results, with several games being taken home for evaluation, and a few contracts signed on-site!

Each and every year, publishers have had great success in finding quality games at Proto ATL, so we anticipate even more publishers will attend our event in 2023!

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Elf Creek Games

Keymaster Games

Pandasaurus Games

The Op - usaopoly

Game Trayz Lab

25th Century Games

Gold Seal Games

Weird Giraffe Games

Quick Simple Fun Games

2022 Sponsors
Publisher Services Inc

Tantrum House

The Game Crafter

Indie Game Alliance

Southern-Fried Gaming Expo

Meeples at Sea